Denim Skull

by Denim Skull

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released March 13, 2017

A jarring new self-titled album from Denim Skull

Recorded and produced by Dr. Pink $ock M.D.(music doctor)

Album art by Quinn Gilmer



all rights reserved


Denim Skull Los Angeles, California

The future of Rock and Roll's past.


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Track Name: Denim Skull
In the castle with the ivory wall
Stands a figure over six feet tall
Spine bent, eyes sharp, scent dull
It's not a man, it's the Denim Skull
Track Name: Analyzer
Beyond the gate of deep remorses
Web of callousness and fright
Stands a figure in the grotto
Beneath the dimming blue moonlight

Don't analyze me

Anonymity of once great thought spread
Identity was all but lost
Human mirror of dilute pity
The one who judges your fair cost

Don't analyze me
Track Name: The Black Fence
Diagnosis of the living man
Existence bleak and no end plan
Discontent with his prognosis
Deep regret in two small doses
No chance of him finding hope
His thoughts under the microscope
Of his mind, soon to recline
Into mundaneness of another kind

Useless cause and useless effect
A new age cycle of old age vexed
His inner spirit, outward appearance
Ugliness led to a disappearance
Of his presence, of his needs
Cut in conscience, his ego bleeds
Onto a stage, pointless rage
A free man living within a cage

Flying hopeless is the crying man
Wings are clipped and legs are damned
To walk a lifetime in his shoes
Learn and care are burned and bruised
Interactions led to a cringe
Satisfactions found in a binge
Of scrutiny, how can it be
When life was once sweet poetry

Now it's days on a calendar
Merged together in one big blur
Slowly building the black fence
Built of X's that he repents
For each day loses its drive
And a lack of reason for him to strive
For something more, an open door
Maybe the next life's worth dying for
Track Name: Bone-Crushed and Frightened
Gut wrenching pain in my bone socket
All that is left: the lint in my pocket
And I'm repeating phrases and I'm reseeing sights
And I'm having bad days more than my good nights

An endless room, no walls to see
I sit alone conversing with me
And I'm sick of this meeting and I'm done hearing voices
When they just criticize all my life choices

Clock in clock out, ticks on the brain
One hour more, I'll go insane
But it's better than boredom, but it's not without cost
When each lasting thought is of happiness lost

And I drive and drive to clear my mind
But it runs through my brain one million times
Being self-loathing isn't a crime
Even when you lie and say it's all fine

The grip has now tightened, the strength of a titan
Bone-crushed and frightened, pretend I'm enlightened
When I'm really afraid, will I use my last breath
To regret tomorrow, a fate worst than death
Track Name: Suicide Mantra
I can't escape from what is said
Played in a loop within my head
Some part of me wants to see me dead

You will ask me about my day
You will ask me if I'm okay
I'll say yes because it's the easy thing to say

Never asking for advice
Maybe it's my inherent vice
That makes me put on his fake grin and act nice

But what do I do when there's no one else
Where do I go when I'm in that hell
And my only mantra tells me to kill myself
Track Name: Fury
Here comes Mr. Happy
Face always a smile
He laughs at all the jokes
And thinks that life's worthwhile

But past the lies
Through the disguise
Behind the mask
There's fury in his eyes

He's the perfect human
Reacts just like he should
Take advantage of him
Because it's always all good

But without a doubt
It'll come about
And with a shout
He'll let his fury out
Track Name: Starving Mule
Why do I deal with this shit
Just to be a failed statistic
She'll love me again in a bit
Of course not, be more realistic
Darkness starts to loom
Shut in my old room
Creating a fort
Built of old remorse
Now I'm feeling nihilistic
Dread starts to form like a bad cyst
All thoughts of being monastic
Replaced with future resistance

Stuck inside a tesseract of my impending dues
Try and try for bye and bi, two ways to get refused

Now I'm feeling like a fool
And there's nothing left to do
Because I can't even sleep
And I can't fuck or eat
Track Name: Not A Guy
I am not a guy
Who wants to spend his nights
A shell of who he was
To live on just because
I am not a guy
I am not a guy..

Not a guy who goes through his mind
And nitpicks what he doesn't like
Work and school to end up a fool
And rethink his whole life

Drive in a car or stare at a screen
For him there's no in between
Fair-weather friends and lackluster trends
His past is just a dream

Self-isolation, doubt propagation
Total resignation
Of his happiness, only to digress
Into strangulation

Can only deny, won't bother to try
His days all end in a sigh
Alone and refused, mentally abused
No I won't be that guy

I am not a guy
Who wants to spend his nights
A shell of who he was
To live on just because