Denim Skull

by Denim Skull

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Grant Wilson
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Grant Wilson This is how the Sleaford Mods would sound if the lead singer was a dalek..Easily the best Album of the year..if you like Dalek's and Seaford Mods..I'm lovin it Favorite track: Do Something Right.
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released February 1, 2016

All Songs by Denim Skull.

Recorded and mixed by Vinny Vaguess at Corporate Rock HQ.

Refry Records 2016



all rights reserved


Denim Skull Los Angeles, California

The future of Rock and Roll's past.


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Track Name: Subculture 666
Get bent you fucking piece of shit. Go.

You're a lowlife creature of theist tonic
Your mentality is what's bubonic
The words that you speak are all subsonic
And you have the nerve to call me demonic?

Sins you commit are beyond titanic
You drive the masses into passive panic
You own a soul, but nothing's organic
And you have the nerve to call me satanic?

Subculture 666
And your friends all treat you like a piece of shit
Subculture 666
And you're never gunna get sick of it
Track Name: Do Something Right
When I was a child my mother said to me
You will grow up to be nothing
Because you are a man, and men are all pigs
You might as well just cut off your dick

Like searching for corn in a shit village
Born an amoral sacrilege
To my mantras that I stick
Don't kiss or love them, only lick
Always lost, no keys to home
On this dirt path that I roam
Moldy old decrepit bone
Piles of garbage as my throne
The heat of hate can let me be
Shirtless under one degree
My bloodshot eyes won't let me see
That I live my life so pointlessly
It won't matter when I lose my hair
Life's already plenty unfair
My ego's got nothing to bear
Why should I even give a care

But I just wanna do something right
My past is all gone there's no future in sight
Why can I only fuck up my life?
When I just wanna do something right
Track Name: The Shredder
The Shredder...

Shredder floats in without a sound
Sees you there on the ground
Just know you're already fucked
When she decides to pick you up

Don't you know about The Shredder?
You will never forget her
She'll shred your heart, don't let her
The Shredder

Shredding hope, shredding truth
Shredding through your fleeting youth
Til you're nothing but tainted shards
Shredded pieces to discard
Track Name: Melatonin Milkshake
Why can't I
Fall asleep at night
Doomed to lie awake
Melatonin Milkshake
Track Name: Waiting for Tonite
Done with all this strife
I'm gunna end my life
Whether wrong or right
I'm gunna end my life
Waiting for tonight
I'm gunna end my life
Once I grab this knife
I'm gunna end my life
Don't care about my wife
I'm gunna end my life
I'm gunna end my life
I'm gunna end my life

I'm gunna end my life
I'm gunna end my life
I'm gunna end my life
Waiting for tonight
Track Name: The Melonhead
It's The Melonhead. The Melonhead.
Track Name: Dead Sense
Another Saturday night
Once again all alone
Laying down on my side
Staring at my phone
Insecurity is the
Key that I need
To lock myself within a cage
Of unrest and unease
And I am always prone
To bouts of too full grown
Don't think of what you see
Don't feed these fantasies
Get up have a smoke and toke
Of course that'll ease my pain
The pain of being unfulfilled
And chasing fleeting gain
Maybe if I stare at stars
I'll have an epiphany
Instead I only see black sky
And realize it's only me
Lonesome with a crick in my neck
Two drags of a cigarette
Won't change what will be
A dead sense of sympathy
If I was to die
Would I attend my funeral
Don't waste your time
On an escapist rhetorical
To be free is to be sad
Because freedom makes you think
Thoughts only lead to thoughts
More thoughts lead to a drink
Two shots of cheap gin
Three more until I win
The prize of unsung hope
The pride of untied rope
Do I even have a friend
Am I means to an end
Can I live in the now
Have I forgotten how
Lonesome with a crick in my neck
Two drags of a cigarette
Won't change what will be
A dead sense of sympathy
Track Name: Syphon
Lived my whole life as I pleased
Only to be unappeased
Syphon through my memories
Ignore them, think of what could be
Lucid scenes that can be changed
But only in my shifting brain
Mold and sculpt til what remains
Is happiness that I can feign

Malcontent and misery
I'll have some with my morning tea
Sweetened by malignity
A breakfast of misanthropy
How can looking forward help
If I can replace my past self
With a man of social wealth
To be seen by no one else